USA vs. Spain Upset

My oh my!  With roughly 15 minutes left in the semifinal match up between Spain and US, midfielder Clint Dempsey all but sealed the victory for US.  What a turn of events in that only a few days ago US found itself out of contention in the ’09 Confederations Cup.  Now, they’ve eliminated THE #1 soccer team in the world, shocking an entire soccer community in the process.  With that US ended a record winning streak of 15 for the Europeans.  How good are they feeling right about now?  Um, I’m gonna say really good!  US has been accused of choking during international play, not without merit, but a motivated and aggressive US showed up this afternoon, and gave Spain and everyone watching a match to remember. 

Game highlights : At the 27 minute mark Josie Altidore scores giving US the edge, but I thought Spain wouldn’t let this slide and had many opportunities to come back but US defense was relentless.  By the way the 19 year old Altidore received a yellow card for peeling off his jersey in a post-goal celebration.  So he’ll need to be careful on Sunday, one more yellow card and he’ out!  As mentioned before, Clint Dempsey, who had one of his best matches in a while, took care of the 2nd goal in the latter part of the 2nd half.  They laid it all on the line and walked off with a historical victory. 

So off to the final round US goes to face either Brazil or South Africa on Sunday in what will be their first finale at a Confederations Cup.  One drawback, midfielder Michael Bradley will have to sit out Sunday’s final game for a red card received a little over 10 minutes to go.  Hats off to the US for a memorable performance.

Final score : USA 2 Spain 0


4 Responses to “USA vs. Spain Upset”

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  2. erikajhernandez Says:

    You’re absolutely right. I didn’t see this one coming, which made the match that much better 😉

  3. bobbygee Says:

    No one did… Bobby gee Check out my blog

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